Whiskey Elements by Time and Oak

Searching for the perfect present on Christmas it's not easy, that's why I try to start my Christmas shopping on autumn. This year I discovered an original Kickstarter campaign, perfect for my husband, but I couldn't share it with you till today!

The Whiskey Elements are the best way to personalise your whisky bottles in just 24 hours! Here you can see the slightly differences between the whisky before and after using the Signature Whisky Element.

We tried the Signature Whisky Elements in a bottle we didn't like very much, and in just 24 hours the strong flavour of alcohol has lowered, it has gained a smokey flavour and it leaves a sweet flavour in your mouth after drink it. Now we have a personalised whisky, and we like it!
We will try the different flavours to decide which Whisky Element is our favourite! :)

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