The Swap: A Mystery by Nancy Boyarsky

The Swap: A Mystery by Nancy Boyarsky
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

Nicole, is an American who will be staying for 3 weeks in a big house in London, not for holidays but to try to save her marriage with Brad. When some frightening things start to happen around her, she only wants to return home and divorce Brad.

"She thought of the self defence class she'd taken and it's cardinal rule: "When approached by a stranger, no matter how respectable he looks, prepare to defend yourself." The stance came back to her - hands ready to push against an assailant's chest, knee poised for a quick jab to the groin.
But that was ridiculous. She never doubted her ability to take care of herself, even in a place like L.A. And this was in London, the most civilized city in the world. No one would attempt robbery, rape or mayhem on a quiet, residential street, certainly not in broad daylight. Besides, this man appeared to be as solid as the Bank of England. Her memory flickered. Was there really a Bank of England; if so, was it still in business?"

Visiting London is one of my favourite pleasures, and staying there for 3 weeks would be my dream. I made a few swap houses in my life, some are better than others of course, but I was never so unlucky like Nicole to end in a house like the Lowry's!
I love reading a book that allows you to make your own plots on your head while you are reading it...
Is Brad behind the bomb explosion? Who are the Lowry's? Why is Alice so frightened? Is Reinhart who he says he is?
And knowing that maybe the author will make a twist on the next page and everything you planned could not be...
I recommend you to follow Nancy Boyarsky books, they are enjoyable everywhere, even so making swap houses! And finding a good mystery with twists and an interesting plot is the best way to start the new year.
So, in your next travel, would you choose a hotel or swapping houses?

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