St. Nick: A Christmas Cop Novel by Alan Russell

St. Nick: A Christmas Cop Novel by Alan Russell
Genre: Mystery, Humor
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

Nick Pappas has a big dilemma in his life, to eat the sugar or to eat the pistol.
But when an old partner from his previous years in the police asks for his help, he will have to postpone his dilemma and become Saint Nick.
Nick will not just will have to discover the burglars of the shopping mall he is working in, he will have to make true some Christmas wishes... and all in just 24 days!

"I was hired as Nick," he said, "not Saint Nick."
"You've been promoted," Angie Said.

"What do elves learn in school?" she asked. When no one answered, Angie said, "The elf-abet."

"What Christmas carol is a favourite of parents?" she asked. Again, the crowd was stumped. "Silent Night"

I can only say good things about this book, Alan Russell has written a cop book with dark humour, a big soul and a white Santa.
I know Christmas has just passed, but you will love this book whatever season of the year you read it, it has all the ingredients you search in a book, and all wrapped in a cop book, so what else more do you need?
Ready to open your delayed Christmas present?

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