Deadly Accounts by C.R. Wiley

Deadly Accounts by C.R. Wiley
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Special Agent Nora Wexler has been dreaming all of her life to work at the FBI. Will she be tough enough to resist? Only 20% of the workers at the FBI are female.
She has initiative and the skills to be a good agent, but her first big case will not be easy and being the prey of a stalker will not help her... or yes?
At least she will have the help of a sexy colleague, Travis Greer, who will support her no matter what.

""Are you Milo Lotus?" Nora asked.
"Yeah, is there something I can help you with?" he asked taking a moment to look her up and down.
You have no idea, Nora thought. That the your man didn't suspect them was written all over his narrow, well-tanned face. It shot another thrill down Nora's spine that someone who had done what he did could look them in the eye and not realize what kind of trouble he was in."

Theft identity: stealing someone's personal information and hacking the bank accounts is one of my biggest fears. Who doesn't have multiple internet accounts (facebook, twitter, google...) and make all the payments online? How can we be protected if someone erase our details all over the network?
This is one of the problems Nora will have to face in her case, if they are searching for an identity thief, who is really the person who are they searching for? How can they find him?
All it begins with a dead cat, it would seem a bad joke, but what happens if then there is a murder and a car explosion? It's all just one case or there are more dangerous people behind these events?
Nora and Greer will have to investigate all the incidents separately and decide how to connect them, and try not to be killed before they solve the case!

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