Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy

Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy
Genre: Romance, History
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Callie stepparents decided to sell all their stuff and properties and start an amazing journey to California. Of course this journey, to Callie, will be an immersion to herself and an improvement to who she will want to be at the end of their trip.
Callie is treated like a slave from her parents and sisters, but during the trip she will start feeling brave and more selfconfident, so all the family will have to change their perception about her and start treating her with more respect.

"You have something to say, Mister McGraw?"
"Yes, I have something to say. From what little I've seen, you do more than your share. By now, isn't this debt you feel you owe paid in full?"
Nobody had ever asked her such a question before. No one had ever cared that much to ask. "It's a debt that will never be paid in full."
He frowned at her answer. "Do you want to spend the rest of your life being treated like a, like a..."
"Yes, servant." He sounded annoyed. "That's not right."
"Perhaps not, but that's my lot in life."

Shirley Kennedy guides us to an introspective journey where the most dangerous perils are inside ourselves and the only way to won is not to be afraid of the change. This doesn't mean that she will not only face herself during the journey, but she will also have to fight against snow, fear or hunger. Because this trip will have indians, fire and murders.
For Callie the most important thing in her life is her family, but seems that she doesn't see how bad they threaten her.
I was amazed that after all the painful things the family made to Callie she still wants to help them arrive to California, no matter what. For me this is the bravest thing she makes, because she knows that they will not appreciate her help, but she knows that, without her, they will die, and she risks her life for them. This is a beautiful reminder of Cinderella; one way or other she will stand for herself, and fight back. And the prince, of course, will never doubt her!
So, will the shoe fit for Callie?

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