Hit and Run by Maxine O'Callaghan

Hit and Run by Maxine O'Callaghan
Genre: Suspense
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Delilah West has had very bad luck in the last five years; her husband death, a few visits at the hospital and her PI business is going so wrong that she has lost her home and is living in the office. But after being at the same time witness and victim of a hit and run, it seems that the good luck is still too far away... 
Will Delilah find a little bit of peace at the end?

""What investigation?"
"A possible homicide."
"You mean murder? Whose murder?" He stared at me. "Joe's? Are you nuts?"
"That seems to be the general consensus," I said. "And, listen, before you start telling me how much pain and suffering this is going to cause the Jacobs family, let me say I've heard it all from Ken. And I sympathize, I really do. But there's a boy in the Orange County Jain who's suffering too. He's not nice, straight kid everybody can feel sorry for because he made one little mistake. He's a loser who looks like he beats up on little old ladies and steals their Social Security checks, and it's my testimony that's going to put him away. Problem is, I think for once this kid's probably telling the truth. So I don't really care if you like it or not."

Delilah Devlin is a PI with very bad luck, to say the truth... that's probably why she is always in the bad places at the worst moments!
In this case, Delilah will face two crime suspects, but she will have some surprising help, and a kiss or two!
I liked this book, it was a quick read but I missed a little bit of action and some funny moments.
You enjoy reading Delilah's adventures, but her life is so miserable and with so little intention to change that you end a bit bored of her bad luck.
I hope next adventure will give us some "good" news in her social life and maybe that she is enjoying a bath at her home?
The best of the book for me where Delilah's friends, Harry snooping at her office... the mysterious intentions of Erik...
If you are searching for a PI with a big heart, Delilah will be your perfect company, because bad luck will not last forever, no?

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