The Whispers by Lisa Unger

The Whispers by Lisa Unger
Genre: Paranormal
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

This is a short story, after a fatal car accident in which only Eloise Montgomery and her younger daughter Amanda survived, they  try to grieve the death of Alfie (the father/husband) and Emily (daughter/sister). But accepting the death is not easy and forgive the responsible of the accident is even less. So, start having visions will not help Eloise at all!

""The whispers?" asked Eloise. Oh, she wanted to take that girl in her arms, It was a deep and powerful ache, but she kept her distance.
Emily nodded sagely. "Yes," she said. "The Whispers. Not everyone can hear them, you know."
"What I am supposed to do?" Eloise asked. She didn't mean to sound sad and peevish, helpless. But she did. And she didn't mean just about The Whispers. She meant everything. "Emily, tell me. What I am supposed to do?"
Emily smiled-her funny, crooked, one that was always just for Eloise.
"All you have to do is listen""

It's interesting how both of the protagonists try to lead the dead in their own ways, but I am really curious how they will coexist with Eloise "visions" and if they will help all of them. I will have to read the next novel of Lisa Unger; The Burning Girl, to know more...
So... do you hear the Whispers?

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