The Unforgivable Fix by T.E. Woods

The Unforgivable Fix by T.E. Woods
Genre: Suspence, Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

Lydia Corriger had some rough years but she decided it was time to reopen her consult again. So after just a few hours at work, she had one case of child abuse and a PhD student to supervise, Zach Edward. But that's not all, her old friend Mort Grant needed her help with his long gone daughter Allie; she escaped from the rival of his lover, a boss cartel.
Lydia had an amazing return to work, don't you think?

"Do we really need to understand the how? Shouldn't it be enough to realize that cruelty leads to pain... pain leads to fear... fear leads to broken lives?"

"Our patients are more vulnerable in our offices than they are anywhere else. Their bodies may be naked in a physician's office, but in here their souls are laid bare. In their most intimate relationships, with friends or even their spouses, they share only what they want to... and it's met with sharing from another person. But in here we're trained to get beyond their defences. They tell us things they don't want others to know. Things they would never say anywhere else. And the revelation is always one-sided. They know nothing about us as we probe everything about them. They take our words as if we're oracles from on high, not the flawed human beings we truly are."

It seems that when I start reading a book saga, I can never do it from the first book! This is the third book of the Mort Grant series, but other than a few references to previous situations, I haven't had any problem following the book.
I am always interested in a book that talks about real problems, a father in law who allegedly abuses his daughter and how the rest of the family have to face this problem. Normally you read the perspective of the victim, this time it is the psychiatrist view, more objective but maybe more painful because you can feel the agony of the victim and the helplessness of the psychiatrist to aid her.
Could the money buy a get out of jail card?
The other story of this book is about Ally, a young and beauty woman that love to use men in her own benefice, she utilise all her power to make any men to succumb to her will.
I can just flatter this book, it has some gripping moments and a few unexpected twists that a thriller lover will bewitch.
I will read the first two books of this series and I will be expecting anxiously for the next book!
Are you ready for "The Fixer"?

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