The Bully Project Mural

The Bully Project Mural is a digital destination where people can share art, stories, and perspectives about bullying, its impact, and how the creative community can help stop it.

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Protect something precious, helpings hands we see it almost as a statue, that tries to help something very precious white is also colour of hope. It symbolizes that we all have to work together to solve the problem of bullying.

Amr Elshamy
I always work hard to develop my art that can speak both to me and to others. I have been bullied all my life but art was there for me.

Karan Singh
My response is based on the notion of acceptance and celebrating differences. My goal was to use differing patterns and colors on confectionary, an inseparable part of childhood, as a visual metaphor.

Mark Gmehling
Bullying is a variant of racism based on social status driven by group dynamics. The most uneducated are leading a mob of labile followers terrorizing persons not fitting their frame.

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