October 2014 Flavourly Box

This is my favourite Flavourly box so far! I enjoyed all the food inside of the box and I want to repeat! I advise you that this blog will make you hungry! :)

I will start with the snacks, the Nairn's Cheese Snackers are amazing! They are so crispy and yummy... and they come in individual sackets.

If you are not a cheese fan, I am sure you will love Hoots, a multigrain snack with salt and vinegar.

Of course I can not forget the Lightly Salted Parsnip Crisps from Fairfields Farm Crisps, the best vegetables crisps I ever tasted!

I loved the Cho, the drinking Gazpacho, with beetroot instead of tomato, you have to try it!

The Billy Champion Chilli Jam by Scarlett & Mustard it's amazing with a little bit of cheese; sweet, spicy and perfect! My new favourite condiment.

I didn't like very much the Trotter's Mostarda with cheese, but I am sure with meat it will be lovely.

I had never taste the Coconut Snacks (from Nudie), but they where amazing with my salad!

The Taste n.5 by Umami Paste was really great with cheese pasta...

The best of all are always the desert, don't you think? This box had a Sherbet Lemon infusion, a sweet tea to enjoy any time of the day.
The Pumpkin & Chocolate Snack-Mix was perfect with the tea! :)

And if the coffee the Dark Chocolate Americanos where great, they have coffee beans inside!

And for breakfast I tried the Milled Organic Flaxseed (Linwoods) with my milk and cereals...

This month it was not a normal box, it was a deluxe box!

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