No Weddings by Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion

No Weddings by Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion
Genre: Romance, Humour
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Cade doesn't want a relationship, he just want to spend funny time with his "girl friends", he doesn't want any strings. But his new family business, Invitation Only, needs the best supplier for cakes, and Hannah Martin is a cake artist.
Hannah just want to start her new business, not a relation, but Cade is tempting her with his business advice and his hot glances.
Cade and Hannah will start a dance where none of them know how it will end... a broken heart or something really special? Something is baking, of that I am sure!

"Clicking on Hannah's number, I hit the text box and typed. We doing your place or mine? I waited, watching two kids on scooters race by on the sidewalk. Her replay came through seconds later. Are you op front on my couch? I grinned and replied. Nope. Breaking in your new chair. Spun it around a quarter turn. Better angle ... Her message bubble popped up while she typed her replay. Did you just make that dirty? I laughed. Is what three little dots does to you? I'll have to do it more often ... A minute passed. Then another. No whirring noises happened. I began to wonder if Little Miss Ice Queen had frosted over, or melted down. Finally, her message bubble showed her typing again. Your Place."

""Live a little, Hannah. Slide something wide between your legs and hold on tight to me. You might like it.""

You will experience how a broken heart can mark your relationships for a long time, but it always depends on your spirit to overtake it. You will burn with the sparks between Cade and Hannah, be sure to have someone near to extinguish your fire! You will learn some business advice, in case you need it...
I like the construction of their relationship, is nice and slowly to allow them to really know each other, but I miss a little bit of information about their lives when they are not together. How is Cade's work at the bar or at the university? Had Hannah any curious customers in her business? And the relationship between the sisters?
It will be a saga, this is just the first book and it is just the relation between Cade and Hannah, nothing else. I miss the "something more".

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