Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes
Genre: Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

A monster is killing in Detroit and the detective Gabriella Versado has to solve his horrendous crimes. It won't be easy, because her daughter, a rebel teenager, is not adapting very well to her parents divorce and the school changing.
Jonno Hain, a bad writer, is following the crime news with a lot of interest and wants to gain glory solving the crimes.
Will Gabriella or Jonno stop the assassin before the next murder is committed?

"I dream I was a dream of a dream"
"Art needs an audience," the killer says, as if he's the first guy to ever think of this. "It's like a fire. It needs to catch in the imagination if it wants to live."
"This city is all about the people, who have to burn against the dark. It's the bright against the blight."

I started this book a few times before I really get into the story, it has so many characters that it's a bit difficult in the beginning to follow them all.
Lauren Beukes paints us a grey society where the victims are less important than the murderer, fame is more important than the truth. A world where if you want to be someone you have to be a monster.
I think it's sad but in this novel it really reflects our society; Jonno, a writer who just wants to be famous, it doesn't mater the cost. He hides information to the police to have the exclusivity with the murderer.
Or Clayton, an artist who discovers that the best way to sell his art is mixing art with cadavers.
It's really our society so crazy that the more horrendous the thing you make the better?
I would like to say no, it's not true, but take a look at the youtube videos, the ones with more visits have the most crazy things. Or when there's an accident on the road, all the cars stop to look at the accident to know what has happened.
So... are we all Broken Monsters?

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