Lost Legacy by Annette Dashofy

Lost Legacy by Annette Dashofy
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Deputy Coroner Zoe Chamber received an incident report, a farm accident. She found a male body hanging from a rope, was it a suicide? In the beginning it seemed so, he had lung cancer, but after finding a letter in his belongings addressed to Kimberly, Zoe's mother, she started having questions about her father's car accident 27 years ago.
The police chief department, Pete Adams was not sure whether it was an easy case or not, specially after another attempted murder. He had to deal with a broken feet, his father who was not who he was in the past and some strong feelings for Zoe Chambers.

""Hi Paulette. Is Franklin available?" "He's in his office." The woman smiled at Harry. "Is this business? We have a wonderful preplanning program". Zoe choked, sneaking a glance at Harry. "Not that kind of business. This is Harry Adams. Chief Adam's dad." Paulette took his hand. "Lovely to meet you. I could give you a brochure about our services if you're interested." Harry scowled at her. "No thanks." Zoe bustled him down the hall before Franklin's secretary could launch further into her sales pitch. "Do I like I'm ready to kick the bucket?" Harry whispered. "Not at all. Business must be slow." "I can't imagine why. People are dyin' to get into places like this.""

Starting a saga on the second book is not always easy, you may miss some important information about the characters or the case. In this second book, the Zoe Chambers Mystery Series you could understand all the reactions of the principal characters, and you wonder what will be next! You will like to walk in the neighbourhood, tell Zoe that having her mother at home for her holidays is not the best for her health; help them in their farms, but not before they discover what is happening!
You will love this mystery book, it has everything; dead, bullets, missing persons, humour and a little bit of love! ;)

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