Butterfly Kills by Brenda Chapman

Butterfly Kills by Brenda Chapman
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

If you kill a butterfly you will change someone's fate. That's what the proverb says, and maybe, just maybe, it's true.
The detectives Stonechild and Rouleau have two cases to investigate; the murder of Leah Sampron, a worker in a helpline at the university, and an abusive husband. Is there something more in these cases that what it seems at the beginning? Can Stonechild and Rouleau solve them before it's too late?

"I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free."  - Charles Dickens

"Sometimes you don't know that you've got till it's gone"

"...life had to carry on and you had to make the most of whatever bounty fell your way."

If a woman goes to the police and says that has an abusive husband, do they believe her or believe the husband who says is innocent? There are so many women murdered these days in husband hands that, if it's not true, no one will believe the innocent husband. How can a woman report mistreatment without being true?
How a mother or a father can be abusive with their children? If they don't want them, they can abort or give the child to adoption. The child doesn't have to stand the fault of the parents problems.
In Butterfly Kills, you will not have a simple detective case, you will have to think about some of these questions too, and decide what would you do in their skin.
Will you kill the butterfly or let it fly free?

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