Beware, Beware - Steph Cha

Beware, Beware - Steph Cha
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Song, a scrappy errand girl, training to be a PI has another boring case, follow the ghost-writer boyfriend of her new client Daphne. It will seem a little bit tedious to follow Jamie all over the city, but if the client pays, Song will not refuse an easy job!
Of course the problems will start soon, with Jamie's boss dead, and himself being the first suspect. Song will have to solve her first murder case and discover the truth beneath all the lies she is immersed.

"I didn't see a weapon near the tub. I was thinking it was probably in the water." "And it would've been wasy enought to wipe prints before dropping it in. Not too suspicious." "So you think they have squat, so they're just going after Jamie because he was there?" He shrugged. "It sounds weak when you put it that way, but what else are they supposed to do? This is a high-profile case. Academy Award for Murder of the Year"

With a lot of famous PI references, Steph Cha submerges us in a noir case, where you have to believe in the grey zone, not all the answers can be good or bad.
If you want to read a good PI case, Juniper Song is your detective.

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