Craking Cookies

Have you ever tried a Fortune Cookie, where you can enjoy a cookie with a cute message inside?
In Craking Cookies, they not just made the traditional cookies, they make some amazing and tasty cookies! With a lot of different flavours; Vanilla Bean, Classic Chocolate, Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Mint Chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla & Honey...
I was able to try the Raspberry, Honey & Vanilla; in the beginning you enjoy the fresh raspberry and then it leaves the sweetness of the honey. I would love to have a box full of these cookies!

Of course I could not forget the message, it's funny! :)

They make some unfortunate cookies too, I would love to read one message!
I think it's a really cute and original present for any party or just to have fun in a party, don't you think?

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