Dilly and Wolf Snacks

Every now and then, I like to eat a few snacks instead of the first dish. Today I tried the brand Dilly and Wolf, British hand made snacks with flavours inspired in their travels. But you can't forget that these snacks are healthy too, with chickpea chips and peas instead of nuts!
I tried the Chisps, a blend of chickpeas, grains and pulses with Celtic Seaweed and Hebridean sea salt, sprinkled with a delicious punchy malt vinegar.
In the beginning the flavour it was a bit strange, because you expect the texture of a chip but they are Chisps made with chickpeas! I love them! :)
The Nusters, a hot and spicy snack is made using their special nut blend mixed with roasted British peas, wasabi and chilli.
It was easy to try, but too spicy! I drink almost all my beer with just two Nusters!

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