Challenged Starbucks Employees to Make Their Craziest Drinks by Foodbeast

The Foodbeast team has challenged a few Starbucks employees in Santa Ana, Calif, to make their craziest drinks. Here are the most original...

It is a Soy Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, blended with a whole blueberry muffin and topped with fresh blueberries.

Soy Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
Blueberry muffin (Extra $2.25)
Fresh blueberries (Extra $1)

This one was made by an L.A. transplant who said it’s inspired by the gorgeous view of the smoggy Los Angeles sky.

Green Tea Frappuccino
One pump of Mocha (Extra $.60)
Java Chips (Extra $.50)
One shot of espresso (Extra $.80)
Italian drizzle
Espresso Whip

 A mix of red (pink), white and green in this Mexican flag inspired drink.

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
Strawberries & Creme (Extra $.50)
Green Tea (Extra $.50)

This one has a classic Neapolitan look with three different flavors infused into one drink. 

Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino
Java Chip (Extra $50)
Vanilla Bean Frappuccino (Extra $.50)
Raw sugar sprinkled over the top

The source is Foodbeast.

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