The Fourth Motive by Sean Lynch

The Fourth Motive by Sean Lynch
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating 4/5

This is personal, it is a matter of life and death, but why and more important who?
Paige, a deputy DA in Oakland, has been attacked, received prank calls, had her house burned... All in just 48 hours.
So the big question is; Who wants to kill her?
If you know that the police have his hands tied around bureaucratic laws and your daughter is in danger, what would you do?
Bob Farrell, a PI with a not very good relationship with the police because of his previous actions, has been contracted by the Judge Callen to find Paige's stalker.

"You son of a bitch" Mulroney's voice hissed.
"Good heavens, Father" Farrell exclaimed. "Such language. And in God's house"
"I won't let you do this" the priest said from behind the partition.
"I already did it" Farrell said. "By the way, you haven't finished hearing my confession"
"Fuck you"
"Is that my penance?" Farrell retorted. "Because if what I've seen in your photo collection is any indication of how you absolve people of their sins, I'll stay sinner"
If you are searching for a book with an unknown criminal, maybe this is not your book. But wait, don't discard Bob and Kearn; they will enchant you and you will start worrying for them after the first shooting.
This is a frenetic thriller, but most of all, you emphasise with all the characters and want to know more about their life.

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