Souffle Korea Box

Want to take a sneak peak of my birthday present?
It's a mix of Korea products from the Soufflé shop, it contains cosmetic and stationery products!

These cute two pencils are accompanied with a cute eraser (with two refills!). To write everything I need for the next blog!

I am not sure I will ever use these cute roller pens, it would be a pity to throw them.

These clips will be very useful to collect all my papers...

There are a few notebooks to use everyday, my favourite is the Checklist, I love making lists!

There's too the washi tape, to use it for my crafty things!

I love the cake decoration tape, I discovered them in Japan, and I always have one with me! :)

I am not sure which of these cute body creams is more cute. Both of them smell amazing and the container is perfect to reuse for decoration.

The colour of this nail polish is not my favourite, but I love the design!

After using these masks, I will have a perfect skin! :)

The Scrub Massage cream (with pomegranate smell) I hope will leave my skin softer.

And the Rich Cotton Hand Cream, perfect for my pocket and smells amazing! :)

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