Windwalker by Natasha Mostert

Can two souls be together for the eternity?
Justine and Adam are two lonely adults living far away from the other, but maybe their lives had to be connected?
Justine try to get over the dead from her brother Jonathan living in Paradino Park. Where there are too many ghosts living there, or not only ghosts...
Adam is a lonely man living in Namibia searching for his soulmate. He had his own ghosts and a very dark part; a crime, an exile... but he is ready to face all of them for his soulmate. 
Will be this the life where they are predestined do find their love?
The Watcher is the link between this two souls, and is not ready to let them be together.
It was an intense book, with lot of storylines between Justine, Adam and the Watcher. I can no tell many more things or I will reveal all the book! 
So, inmerse yourself in the Windwalker world and discover if they will belong together.

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