Secret Box by Astrid and Miyu

Do you know what's the Secret Box?
It's a little surprise that arrives at your home every three months full of precious things! 

My little Secret Box it comes with the Creme Balm from Premae Skincare, to soothe and texturise your skin.

There is too a little sample of The Green Balm by Móa, with miraculously healing powers to soothe, nourish and renew dry skin.

The Skin Ephemeral Messages by Skin Feelings really surprise me! To tattoo cute messages on your skin! :)

Now, the more interesting things;
A cute Horseshoe to give me good luck... (Make me Lucky)

And a little ring with tiny diamonds and silver to wear on my special days! :) (Pure Eternity)

It was a really cute Secret Box!

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