May Flavourly Box 2014

I will enjoy a sweet weekend with my May Flavourly box!
Take a look at all the ingredients it contains...

Some green olives, Oloves, to enjoy in a picnic! (If the weather allow it...)

My favourite brand of corn, the ZaraMama Gourmet Popping Corn! To make to portions of the Rich Ruby Red while I am watching my favourite series! :)

A couple of gluten-free snack bar, Braw, with fruit and oats! I haven't tried them yet, but they seem really healthy! I will try the Cocoa and Orange and the Blackcurrant bars.

I am not sure I will like very much the fruit bars of Annies... I don't like very much the apricot and the apples, but I will try it, of course!

I don't like the Apple Crisps from Perry Court Farm, but my friends love them! ;)

The Chocolatey Superfood Bites by Inspiral it's really healthy, but I miss more chocolate on them!

I love the Fig & Date Porridge Oat Bar from Stoats, I have discovered them in the Foodies Festival!

My Moments of Pleasure by Beyond Dark (with dark chocolate and hints of raspberry) is my little dark secret too!

Willie's Cacao, el Blanco, to sweet these rainy days! :)

I still haven't tried the Thai Red Meal Kit from Kents Kitchen, but the reciepe seems amazing!

And the Liquorice Wheels from Choclateas, it will sweet my days!

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