Byredo Summer Fragances

Byredo presents a collection of cool, modern colonies, the ultimate accessory for judiciously people. Gypsy Water, Sunday Cologne and Mister Marvelous, three iconic Byredo fragrances, they retain their original identity while adopting a character more fresh and light.

Gypsy Water
An evocative fragrance inspired by the outrageous adventures of life in Rome. 
The story begins with a dynamic burst of bergamot, lemon, pepper and juniper berries followed by a radiant heart of incense and lilies lying on perennial pine needles. The final chapter concludes with a warm mixture of softened amber with aromas of vanilla and sandalwood.

Sunday Cologne;
A unique version of this classic cologne presents traditional notes mixed in a contemporary way.
A fresh bergamot is installed on the front line, while star anise flirts with cardamom before revealing a swirl of lavender and geranium, enhanced with incense. An earthy base vetiver, moss and sensual patchouli gives the fragrance a timeless sophistication.

Mister Marvelous;
A multifaceted fragrance that celebrates the vivacious and charming man in town. A scent that embodies the man that everyone knows and that everyone would like to be. 
Essences leaves bright mandarin and neroli flowers anounce a fresh and invigorating breeze of lavender and green bamboo accented with a fine mix of black soft amber and white cedar wood.

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