Superstars of Choc N'Roll by Broderick's


I can live without chocolate, but I eat it in small portions, of course...
That's one of the motives why I tried the Broderick's Brothers cookies, they come in small portions! :)
I like their statement...
2 for him, 2 for her and 3 for me

If you want a mix of their bites, you have to try the Superstars of Choc N'Roll, with Caramel Slice, Tiffin and Rocky Road).
My first try was the Rocky Road, it's amazing; with big marshmallows inside! :)

The Tiffin it's made with milk chocolate and bits of cookies inside, not my favourite, but I like it.

And the Caramel Slice it's so smooth... you will eat all the bites and want more!

Some amazing cookies to enjoy the last days of winter with a hot drink.

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