Fashionista's Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley

If you are a fashionista you must take a look at the Prêt-à-Portea Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley. You will be surprised with the food and the designs!
In your table you will find a pink shoe with your reservation name, it will be the start of your journey.

The fashion portraits will accompany all the trip with all the delicacies and teas.
I recommend you the Caramel Indulgence, it's a sweet tea, but it's amazing!

The sandwiches were a good starter; with salmon, ham, cheese...

The delicatessen were amazing! Our favourites: the Chestnut Panna Cotta and the BBQ Roast Duck Tartlets.

But the most surprising designs where the desserts, of course!


Here are our favourite designs:
Burberry Prorsum heart patterned ginger biscuit trench with caramel icing and Gianvito Rossi chocolate over-the-knee boot biscuit with ankle strap.

But we can not forget the Saint Laurent essential autumn red "Classic Duffle 6" Victoria sponge cake bag or the Miu Miu polka dot jaconde and Gianduia mousse topped with playful orange neckscarf.


They made this special plate for us, it was our 16 anniversary together! :)

The best of all was that we could repeat as many times as we like and all the delicacies we wanted. It was an amazing experience, I recommend it to everyone!

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