Movies in Real World

Movies In Real Life is a new series from Improv Everywhere where they bring an iconic movie moment to life in the real world.
Take a look at some of their videos and photos! :)

When Harry Met Sally In Real Life; they recreated the famous fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally with 20 women in Katz’s Deli. 

Back To The Future to life in a public plaza near the Met Life Clock Tower in Manhattan. A time traveling Delorean suddenly appeared, and Doctor Emmett Brown leaped from the vehicle to warn Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker that they were about to see themselves from ten minutes in the future, the consequences of which could be disastrous. Moments later a second Marty and Jennifer (played by identical twin actors) arrived on the scene.

Neo from the Matrix into Macy’s in New York City to shop for a new “man dress.” As Neo talked to a confused sales associate in the mens suits department, over 30 “Agent Smith” clones suddenly appeared, pouring out of elevators and escalators surrounding the area.

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