Dyptique Christmas Candles 2013

Like every year, Diptique celebrate the holidays with an ephemeral edition. This time, it opens a new chapter and fantasy permeates the house codes. Three new sails to seal Dyptique collaboration with Tse & Tse. The color presides in this metamorphosis. The green, orange and violet light with golden luster that surrounds them changing things, intangibles.

Orange Chaya envelopes you in spices. Sweet but not sugary, it evokes the round warmth of an orange. Followed by the freshness of the cardamom, rising up exotically like the blend of the tea known as Chaya. Touches of quince, cinnamon and ginger lead us into a world of winter flavours.

Écorce de Pin... The holiday season has arrived -  the woody perfume emitted by snow-covered pine trees mixes in with the scents of hinoki, a japanese cypress used to make simple, robust furniture. The perfume is raw, smooky and lightly veiled in galbanum, cedar and patchouli.

Encens des Indes, dressed in ecclesiastical purple, blends incense and myrrh, the legends gifts of the Magi guided by the Star in the East. A mysterious, profound perfume, enlivened by rose and cornflower. A dual sensation, both sombre and flowery, awakens your thoughts and senses.

Avaliable in November 2013!
I think I will love them... :)


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