Nākd Bars

Have you tried the new snack bars from Nākd?

I've seen a lot of advertising during my stay in London, so I couldn't wait to buy one snack bar and try if they are really as good as they are saying.
My first problem in the shop was to decide which flavour try first, they have to many! So I picked up the Cashew Cookie Bar (but I had in my hands too the Caffe Mocha Bar and the Pecan Pie Bar).
The Cashew Cookie Bar it contains just cashews and dates, there are no sugary syrups or artificial preservatives and with gluten and wheat free!
I like the bar, it only contains dates and cashew nuts! But it seemed too big I wish there were smaller packages.

Now all I have to do is taste all the other flavours to see if they are as good as this! :)

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