Kettle Tortilla Chips Jalapeño and Lime

I have to confess, I'm obsessed with the Kettle Chips, specially the Balsamic Vinegar ones...

When they make a special Tortilla Chips just for the facebook fans, I couldn't wait to register and expect to be selected to try the new flavour!
I received my Tortilla Chips in a big box and a lovely letter to invite me to try the Jalapeño and Lime flavour.

I love them! They have the perfect balance between sour and spicy and they where lovely with a Guacamole homemade sauce! 

It's really easy to make my Guacamole sauce, just addi some tomatoes and onion in the mashed avocado. Then put some lemon juice and salt to taste. Of course I usually add some chilli, but with the Tortilla Jalapeño, you don't need it! :)

I hope they will sell it soon...!

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