Graze August 2013

Yesterday I've received my Summer Graze! :)

To say the truth it was a surprise! These days I have too many things on my head and it was a nice surprise finding my snack box at the mail!

This month it has one of the most wanted products... :)
- Sticky toffee Pudding! With spiced rye and date cake with toffee sauce, we follow the instructions and with 10 seconds in the microwave and it was delicious... 

- The Mississippi Bbq Pistachios where really good! And the sauce it wasn't strong to cover the lovely pistachio flavour! :)

- I couldn't live without popcorn, so the presence of the Lightly Salted Popcorn it was really welcome! :)

- And of course the Nacho Libre with salsa almonds, cheesy sombreros and jumbo chilli corn. I love it! :)

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