Yoosli, Individual Muesli for Individual Folk

Do you like muesli?
I like to enjoy a muesli for dinner, specially if it has some fruits and a little bit of chocolate!
I've discovered Yoosli and I love the idea to create my own muesli variety!

You can choose the base mixes, the cereals, the fruit, the nuts and seeds and the sweet treats you want to add at you own muesli.
My first mix it has chocolate flakes, raspberries and strawberries and cashew nuts. I enjoy them with cold milk... :)

If you had discovered your perfect mix, don't worry if you don't remember what ingredients you choose, because every mix has an unique ID allowing you to enter it at Yoosli and go directly at you mix!

And you can choose too the size of the box you want to receive at home! I choose the slimeline box, but the Royal Mail don't treat very well the box...

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