Taylored Curiosities Vinyl Toys

I wish I could afford all the vinyl toys I see on the online, but I'm not rich...
So today I'll show you my last discover, these cute characters are created by Taylored Curiosities.

‘The Keeper of the Forest,
is a wise old beast,
He wanders round the Earth,
looking for a feast.
He's always very hungry,
he could eat a tasty horse,
But the Morrow find him biscuits,
it's what he craves, of course.'

 'The Keeper of the Beach,
Is a lonely old soul,
She spends most of her day,
On a long, slow, stroll.
Her head is full of water,
Which she's trying not to spill,
But the Morrow keeps her company,
And provides her with good will.'

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