Summer 2013 with Chanel, Estée Lauder and Bourjois!

Have you seen the new and amazing make-up colours  for this summer?
Yesterday I wasn't able to control myself and I bought a few of them... but maybe tomorrow I'll take another look!
I was searching for a natural look but with a little of colour...
These were my findings...

First of all I've discovered the Pure Colour from Estée Lauder, a new cheek rush that a stays all the day!
My favourite colour is the Thecno Jam!

I was searching for a sparkling Eye Shadow and my favourite are the Style EyeShadow by Chanel. The colours are amazing specially the Jade Shore colour, but I was looking for something to wear every day so I choose the Pink Lagoon. The perfect colour to give a to give a touch of sparkle to your look this summer.

And I want to try the colour mascara! All the brands had some amazing colours and I wasn't able to decide which one. At the end I decide to try the Volume Glamour Max Holidays from Bourjois
I love to change my black eyelashes with a purple colour!

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