Cake in a Mug by Lakeland

I love to try new recipes and if they are quick to make, better!
Today for breakfast I release my Cake in a Mug from Lakeland, an easy way to make your little cake in just 3 minutes! :)

1- Mix the raising flour, sugar and cocoa powder (I use less sugar than the indicate and of course less cocoa powder!)

2- Add a beaten egg.

3- Add 9 tsp of milk and oil (I only use 7 tsp of oil!)

4- Mix Well and add 1 or 2 squares of chocolate and push it to the centre!

5- Cook it 3 minutes in the microwave! (I have to put 4 minutes, my microwave it has less power...)

6- Allow to cool, and enjoy your Mug Cake! :)

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