Antica Cartotenica

Some products can transmit a lot of history with only their smell or the package.
When I was in Rome this summer, I didn't know the amazing shop I've found today, Antica Cartotenica, but I'm sure if I never return to Rome, I'll visit it!
Thanks to internet, you can find some of their amazing products in Slowdownjoe!
Take a look...

 This vintage pencil set includes a variety of 5 vintage pencils dating from the early 1940s all the way to the late 1960s. The folder that houses the pencils is also vintage cardstock that is 50-60 years old. Each set is unique, consisting of a random selection of pencils from countries like England and Czechoslovakia, and made from manufacturers that include Cumberland Pencil Co. and L & C Hardtmuth.

Small lined paper notebook with elastic close. Made in Rome, Italy from paper which is 50 to 60 years old.

Four black pencils with a selection of coloured erasers. Comes presented in a folder made from vintage cardstock that is 50-60 years old.

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