Fin Vase by Flat Packables

Flat Packables - Fun to give, Fun to receive, and Fun to use in your daily life!

This is how they describe their products, created through a combination of high-quality materials, laser-cut technology, and craftsman's hand finish. 
And as a user , you can be a part of the process by taking the pieces out of the box and assembling them into a finished product. This way, you can feel the bees wax finish as well.

My favourite is the Fin Vase, a flat-packable vase which consists of plywood pieces and a glass test tube.
The volume of this vase is created by ten flat pieces held solely with two rings and a test tube. 
Its beautiful curvature is accentuated with the dark burned lines. 
It can quietly sit by the window or on a table as a center piece! :)
You can find it too in Mosey!

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