Honey Day August 2012

Like every second week of the month, I'll post my Honey Day shippment!
And like every month it has some amazing and original products to eat from around the world...

To start, we can take a Miso Soup from Japan, you only have to pour hot water to the powder in a bowl!

If you like beer, the Kaki-pi are the perfect snack to share. They are soy flavoured rice crisps and peanuts, but are a little spicy!

For dessert you can have the Homerun Ball Choco flavour, a crispy and crunchy pastry ball with a little chocolate filling.

If after all this amazing menu you're still hungry, you can eat some cinnamon jelly! They are soft and covered with sugar!

Of course every shippment is a surprise, I'm wondering what it will become next month... :)

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