L'Art du Soin by Dypthique

Do you know the brand Dyptique?
There's a new collection called l'Art du Soin, inspired in the Mediterranian Basin...
"A poetic experience, designed for the well being of both the body and soul"

Do you like to relax and take care of your body at the same time?
First you have to pute some drops of Precious Oils in your bath, and relax for a while and let the sweet almonds calm your skin, the argan mosturize and the macadamia nut soft it! :)

After, you can moisturize and make shine your body and hair with the Satin Oil. The jasmin, ylang ylang and saffron give them voluptuousness too.

Or you can moisturize too with the Rich Butter that contains water of roses and honey.Giving your skin a calm and gleam you haven't seen before!

But if you want to take care of your hands, you have to start with the Softening Hand Wash. With the propierties of the lavender honey, rosemary and lemon,  cleanses and nourishes the hands.

And then, with the Velvet Hand Lotion you'll keep your hands protected. Because it has the properties of the acacia honey, the liquorice extract and the sweet almonds milk together.

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