Sometimes I like to try curious/different restaurants, and yesterday was one of those days.
I went to have dinner in Tickets, the new restaurant of Adria's brothers in Barcelona.

It is set in like a circus, and you can choose between an extense variety of "tapas".
Here there are some of the plates we ate... they were very tastefull!

Fruit impregnated with sangría as a refreshing cocktail

The olives by Tickets Marinated gordal / verdial

Jamón de toro: Slices of tuna belly painted with Iberian cured ham fat

Miniairbags stuffed with Manchego cheese and Iberian bacon

La Naranja: Orange slush flavoured with anisette

Cockles in green sauce

Mollete (bread) with dewlap

Air baguette with Iberian ham

Confit potatoes in olive oil with pork rib sauce and Iberian boiled ham

Rabbit ribs with foamed garlic mayonnaise

Almonds tepid cake with peach ice-cream

Chocolate and hazelnuts cake tribute to Antoni Escribà

Enjoy your meal!

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