Breast Cancer Care

In this century, Cancer is a nightmare for everyone, the illness that panics all.
The cure for the different types of cancer hasn't been discovered yet, but the scientists are working really hard to make one.
The breast cancer is one of the few that can have some treatement.
On the 19th October, it is celebrated the day of Breast Cancer over the world, and some events are done that day to make consciousness to all the women.
There are some products to buy, and the money is going to donations for the research. This year, I like the book The Best Little Book in Town, it has the support of the Breast Cancer Care and Woman and Home, and if you buy it, £1 will be donated to Breast Cancer Care. It has some stories from Sophie Kinsella, Kate Mosse, Lee Child, Sophie Hannah... and they are really nice!
This was my way to contribute this year, have you done it already?
If you don't like reading you can choose other ways: donations, clothes, make up... the important thing is to act!

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