Gold Life Dunny

Vinyl toys are found in fashion shops, they are a must. Thus, a lot of artists want to create his personalized one.
I posted a few weeks ago another kind of vinyls.
There's too the Swatch and Kidrobot campaign, called the Dunny Collection (their watches are awesome!)

However, in this post I would like to tell you about a new collection by Kidrobot, the Gold Life Dunny, a  traditional way samurai, and they are really cute!
I wanted to buy them online, but in the official page they were sold out when I looked at them. In Rotofugi, they had very low stock and decided to make a lottery to have the chance to buy them, and a lot of online shops did the same...
I thought I could buy them in London, but I only found them in the shop Forbbiden Planet! (is a big shop for fans of series).
So this is the character that was hidden in my blind box... :)

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