Do you like sweet desserts?
Do you like caramel?
Do you like mixing flavours?
Then, you have to try the Fudge!
It's a sweet confectionery from UK. You can try it with a lot of flavours: caramel, chocolate, strawberry... But the classic is made only with milk, sugar and butter!
The first time I saw it, I was in London at Hamleys, they have a lot of flavours, and I think I tried most of them!
A couple of years after, I find a small shop in Edinburgh specialized only on them, the Fudge Kitchen.
They have all kind of mixtures and flavours.
A friend of mine has gone this week to Edinburgh and it has brought to me a box of different flavours: coconut, caramelized peanuts, nuts and chilli!
My favourite is the chilli one, it's spicy! :)
If you want to try it, you may have to go to Edinburgh!

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